Freezer Burn

It occurred to me that one of the areas I don’t clear out regularly enough is the freezer.

So, last weekend, I did a pass through the small freezer, and identified a handful of things that need using up in the little one. Ends of loaves (which the kids *claim* they eat) went in the trash. Other than that, there were 3 (now 2) containers of cooking bananas, and 3 (now 2) containers of guava. I’ve made one batch of guava paste (like jam, but only a little water and sugar, so it doesn’t gel, but it does spread nicely), and one batch of fried banana.

Next set of tasks on this are to make another batch of guava paste, which should get through the rest, make more fried banana, and then start moving things that need using up to the inside freezer.

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