New Coat Arrived This Morning

So I got my new coat this morning. And after I got the family out the door checked to make sure the internet was still here, I went to look for coats I could release. Because: coats. I have lots. I like coats. And jackets And wraps. And big bulky sweaters. And live where we have lots of weather.

The first one went into the bin, with some regret – a classic denim jacket I’ve had since high school – all hand embroidered by me with early 90’s feminist slogans and characters/symbols from fantasy novels. Let’s be serious. I am never, ever, ever going to wear that again. No one is, especially with the half-finished tiger on the back.

The other two were differently hard – because they’re still Good. One is too short, in a way that is just unflattering for someone with my cup size, and the other is a perfectly good aubergine colored full length wool coat. That was a hand me down. That I never wear, because I prefer my black coats. And there’s this voice in my head saying: “But! What if you need it someday?”

I’m not sure what full length coat emergency I’m supposed to be waiting for, voice in my head.

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