Nice New Whiteboard

Due to me being that kind of very determined person, we got a giant whiteboard at work, so giant that I decided to add a word of the day to the space using the time-honored method of wikipedia freefall— that is, starting from my previous word of the day, I follow links until I find something interesting in under five minutes. Though it’s more word every three days, because the whiteboard is less easy to wipe clean than you might think.

While surfing my way through aphasia, I remembered I wanted to check what it’s called when someone has left-right confusion, and discovered–again–that this isn’t yet an actual thing in itself, but is a major hanger-on of pretty much every brain malfunction you can possibly have, and while it possibly effects up to twenty-five percent of the population in varying degrees of severity, it’s still–a thing among many things, a description of a few words that tells is it’s something that happens. What it is seems a little vague, and science has yet to tell me why.

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