Weddings, Who Needs Them

When I was in college I dated, but not exceptionally much, not when you compared it to my peers.

This meant that I had about two longer term boyfriends before going on to get my masters. Which is below average. Anyway. When I met Mr. Right, both of us knew that getting married, at least then wasn’t what we wanted in our lives. And while we lived amicably together, the prospect of a messy breakup and divorce wasn’t something that we wanted to deal with. Besides in our state you can live together as long as you want and you are not considered married. As in ever. If you are interested you can look up common law marriage on wikipedia.

Anyway we have been together happily since then and the topic really never came up, or rarely, and we didn’t need to talk about it. In our mind we were married. There weren’t any nagging fianacee games, and long postponed, but “sometime” weddings being planned.

Last weekend we were at a wedding. It was a winding path that led us there, and it couldn’t be avoided. I had to take a day off work for it, and well, I will just leave it there fir now. It really doesn’t matter.

I was surprised to see how much “effort” was put into the wedding. My darling husband as I referrer to him thought it resembled pomp, but under the circumstances it is a matter of perspective. The wedding seemed to cover everything that could be coved. No detail was left to chance, from the floral arch to the table number cards that include not just a number, but a seating arrangement for the guests. That was a lot of fun. Eye rolls. And in the end it was something that was more fascinating than anything. It was like this cheap knock-off wedding using Kim and Kanye as a role model.

Toward the end of the reception DH got up and said he was going to see if he could find out how much it had cost.

I just shrugged, I had eaten too much lobster and caviar and all I could think about was getting home and falling asleep on the couch.

Neither of us got what we wanted, he never found out and I ended up falling into bed.

I paid the price for not cleaning my face. The next day I had a nasty pimple on my chin.

Oh well, at least we didn’t start our union in debt.

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